Milwaukee Bucks: An NBA Championship is far from a lock for talented Bucks

NBA Milwaukee Bucks Damian Lillard (Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Milwaukee Bucks Damian Lillard (Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports) /

An NBA Championship is far from a sure thing for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

The Milwaukee Bucks are looking good on paper, especially after acquiring the services of All-Star guard Damian Lillard. Along with Giannis Antetokounmpo, oddsmakers believe that the Bucks are the top team in the Eastern Conference.

However, their success hinges on one thing – chemistry. Most know how it is difficult to get NBA stars on the same page and Milwaukee will have to figure that out.

For the 2023-24 season, the Bucks are not exactly off to a smooth start. It was expected considering Lillard came in abruptly, barely giving head coach Adrian Griffin the time to figure out how to integrate the seven-time All-Star.

The Bucks dropped a couple of games to the New York Knicks and the Toronto Raptors. For some, it is a wake-up call. Antetokounmpo admits that they are struggling but need to figure out how to get things on track, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The good news for Milwaukee is that the NBA season has just started. They will have time to figure out their chemistry issues. However, Griffin pointed out how these early struggles may be a good thing for the Bucks.

"“Sometimes getting embarrassed is good because it forces you to focus on doing the right things consistently,” Griffin said via ESPN."

Bucks’ defense needs to improve

A notable change in the Bucks is their drop in defensive rating. They were fourth in the league last season with a 110.9 rating.

In their first four games, their rating has tumbled down to 119, barely ahead of the Indiana Pacers.

Some could argue this would be because of the exit of Jrue Holiday. But as Antetokounmpo said, this should not be an excuse.

"“Okay, we can make excuses – there’s a new player, there’s a new coach, there’s a new coach – we can keep on making excuses and think that it’s going to be okay, but that doesn’t work in life. That doesn’t work like that,” the two-time NBA MVP stated."

Milwaukee Bucks will make the NBA Finals but…

With time to spare, the Bucks are still touted to rule the Eastern Conference and make the NBA finals. However, winning another title is not set in stone.

They have a chance at winning the Larry O’Brien trophy. However, they will have their work cut out for them, with several teams standing in the way.

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It will not be a walk in the park for Antetokounmpo and Lillard. They need to do their share and part of that is adjusting to each other and getting the whole Bucks’ roster involved.