NBA Trade Rumors: 8 Surprising stars who could soon end up on the trade block

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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring eight surprising stars who could end up on the trade block at some point this season. 

Now that James Harden has officially been traded, the trade noise around the league is going to quiet down for a bit. However, the next wave of stars should begin to hit the trade block soon. Especially as the NBA Trade Deadline inches closer and closer.

Even though the NBA Trade Deadline is not the ideal place for star players to be traded, there are always surprises that could arise. As we saw last season, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving surprisingly hit the trade block mid-season.

It’s no guarantee that something similar will follow suit this season but in the NBA, there’s always the chance of it happening. With that in mind, we explore eight star players who could surprisingly hit the trade block at some point this season.

Surprising NBA stars who could find their way to the trade block this season

DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls

A lot can happen between now and the NBA Trade Deadline but out of all the possible “stars” that could be traded at this year’s deadline, I believe that DeMar DeRozan is the one player that should be on everyone’s radar the most.

The Bulls have continued to hold off on the idea of blowing up the roster, or even retooling it, but DeRozan is in the final year of his contract and it doesn’t appear as if he’s going to strike an extension with the Bulls. Considering that Chicago doesn’t look like a lock to make the playoffs, this is the perfect recipe for a mid-season trade.

If the right deal presents itself at the NBA Trade Deadline, DeRozan could be a surprising star on the move before the end of the season.