NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Third star targets Lakers should begin exploring

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Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz

It was somewhat confusing when the Utah Jazz elected to re-sign Jordan Clarkson during the offseason. He doesn’t fit in their timeline but you have to respect trying to retain an asset in hopes of cashing it in at a later date. That’s exactly what they are hoping to do. You’d have to believe that will happen either at this year’s NBA Trade Deadline or during the offseason. If they attempt to move him at the deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers should explore the possibility.

Interestingly enough, Clarkson made his name in the league with the Los Angeles Lakers. If the Lakers are looking for a guard that would be solely focused on putting the basketball in the hoop, Clarkson may be one of the primary targets. Clarkson may not be a great defender and leaves a bit to be desired as a playmaker, but he can score.

Even though Clarkson has gotten off to a slow start this season, he’s still averaging 15 points per game. Playing next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis would make his life a lot easier on the offensive end too. I’d have little concern about Clarkson rebounding if the Lakers took a gamble on him.