1 Surprising player Lakers aren't willing to trade in package for Dejounte Murray

The Los Angeles Lakers may not be all-in on the idea of trading for Dejounte Murray.
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There's one surprising player that the Los Angeles Lakers aren't willing to trade in a potential package for Dejounte Murray.

Heading into the NBA offseason, you'd have to think that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to be willing to go all-in as they attempt to land another All-Star player next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. In a perfect world, that's what both LeBron and AD would like to see the Lakers do. The intention of making a big deal and actually following through with one are two very different things. In the NBA, it's difficult to pull off.

Nevertheless, the Lakers are likely going to head into the offseason with that goal in mind. But perhaps the Lakers may not be willing to be as all-in as perhaps they should. According to a recent report, when it comes to the pursuit of one of their top trade targets, Dejounte Murray, the Lakers aren't willing to include Austin Reaves in a potential package.

This is not entirely surprising considering Reaves has been widely reported as an asset the Lakers don't want to trade. However, you would imagine that could possibly be changing if Los Angeles wants to ensure making a splash trade this summer. Los Angeles is going to have a hard time completing any big trade if they're not willing to put their best assets on the negotiating table.

Are the Los Angeles Lakers making a big mistake by not shopping Austin Reaves?

While Reaves is a talented player, he's not exactly a headling star player at this point in his career. And you can even make the case that he may not be the perfect third option for the Lakers. If Los Angeles believes Murray is the level of player that can help push the Lakers to new heights next season, I have a hard time believing they're not going to pull the trigger on a deal because of Reaves.

Maybe I'm wrong but I can't envision the Lakers going up to LeBron and AD and informing them they could make a deal for an All-Star talent this summer because they wanted to keep Reaves on the roster. To me, if the Lakers are truly motivated to make a big move, it doesn't make much sense.

Perhaps a move for Murray isn't "enough" for the Lakers to emerge as a favorite in the Western Conference next season, but these are the types of risks that the team signed up for when they decided to sign LeBron originally - to go all-in year after year. For now, you have to trust the Lakers' front office, but at some point, they have to make a big move. Even if it does end up costing them a talented player like Reaves.

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