1 Word to summarize every team's performance at the NBA Trade Deadline

NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Impactful Moves & One-Word Descriptions
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs: Fine

The San Antonio Spurs practically swapped out Doug McDermott for Marcus Morris and a 2029 second-round pick. This is one of the worst teams in the NBA record-wise, so this feels like they did a fine job at the deadline and nothing more.

Toronto Raptors: Encouraging

The Toronto Raptors are officially in the rebuilding business. Long gone are the integral members of the 2019 NBA Championship team. This is a new team with a new identity and a new culture. Pascal Siakam and O.G. Anunoby are moving on to greener pastures, fully opening the door for promising young talents, Scottie Barnes, Immanuel Quickly, and R.J. Barrett.

The moves the Raptors made felt like they were a long time coming. It's incredibly encouraging that Masai Uijiri and the Raptors are finally taking the necessary steps to reconstruct this roster to be more competitive in the future. This is an encouraging sign.