1 Word to summarize every team's performance at the NBA Trade Deadline

NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Impactful Moves & One-Word Descriptions
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
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Brooklyn Nets: Odd

The Brooklyn Nets were mostly sellers at the deadline. Royce O'Neale was traded to the Suns and Spencer Dinwiddie was traded to the Raptors. But why? The Nets ended up with Dennis Schroder, Thad Young, Keita Bates-Diop, Jordan Goodwin, and three second-round picks. The three second-round picks are great, but why not push further?

Dorian Finney-Smith was to be had, albeit at a high asking price, but it felt like a team could lowball them to get a deal done. The Nets didn't improve, nor did they get worse. The team stayed course while acquiring more salary, while simultaneously acquiring more draft capital. Overall, this was an odd trade deadline.

Charlotte Hornets: Refreshing

Let's face it. This team is going nowhere, especially this season. Trading Gordon Hayward to the Thunder for Tre Mann, Davis Bertans, and two second-round picks is great value. Moving P.J. Washington is tough on the surface, but acquiring Seth Curry, Grant Williams, and a 2027 first-round pick is incredible value.

Additionally, trading Terry Rozier earlier on in the season for Kyle Lowry and another 2027 first-round pick is a smart move. The Hornets move off of long-term salary and add cost-effective players and future draft assets. This is a refreshing move for a team that has been wishy-washy in terms of, "Are they actually trying to compete, or nah?" This deadline was refreshing.