10 Huge winners and unfortunate losers from the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft

2024 NBA Draft: Winners and Losers from the First Round
2024 NBA Draft - Round One
2024 NBA Draft - Round One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Winner: Boston Celtics

The rich get richer. Baylor Scheierman is a three-point shooting marksman who could have been selected earlier in the draft, as stated by several draft pundits. A wing/forward from Creighton, Scheierman specializes in perimeter shooting, a play style that isn't soon to go out of style.

The Celtics won the regular season, Eastern Conference Playoffs, and NBA Championship by shooting three-pointers. A team with perennial Championship aspirations like the Celtics need players who can contribute right away. While this presents problems for some rookies, Baylor should be able to buck the trend.

Team and tournament success at Creighton should help Baylor succeed early and often. He's essentially a more complete prospect than Sam Hauser was coming out of college and he's worked wonders for the Celtics. Brad Stevens knows what this team needs and he delivers. Very solid selection by Boston.