2024 NBA Draft: 16 Biggest risers and fallers after NCAA Tournament

Breaking down the 16 of the biggest risers and fallers across NBA Draft boards after the 2024 NCAA Tournament.
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NBA Draft riser: Zach Edey, Purdue

Even as one of the more polarizing prospects heading into the 2024 NBA Draft, Zach Edey has certainly managed to raise his draft stock over the course of the NCAA Tournament. Even the most deniers of Edey would admit that what he's done over the last few weeks has only helped his case as he eyes making the jump to the NBA. In what could be categorized as arguably his most dominating and impressive performance throughout his collegiate career, Edey finished with 40 points and 16 rebounds in an effort to push Purdue past Tennessee in the Elite Eight.

Edey consistently flashed that level of dominance over the NCAA Tournament as he finished six games by averaging 30 points, 15 rebounds, and two blocks on 64 percent shooting from the field. Heading into the pre-draft process, there's no question that Edey will still have much to prove to draft scouts.

Even though he's helped his cause over the last few weeks, the verdict is still out on Edey and whether his game will translate to the NBA level. But with his size, length, and soft touch, there's no question he's going to get a shot to prove his talent by being drafted at some point in the 2024 NBA Draft.