2024 NBA Draft: Predicting what each team should do with their first-round pick

The 2024 NBA Draft is finally here, so here are my final predictions of what each team should do with their first-round pick.
NBL Rd 9 - Perth Wildcats v Sydney Kings
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28. Denver Nuggets - DaRon Holmes II, Big, Dayton

There is a rumor that the Nuggets have promised DaRon Holmes II that they would pick him in the first round. This would be an excellent selection as Holmes is a good athlete who’s good at finishing around the basket, has some shooting potential, can pass at a high level for a center, and is a good shot blocker. The Nuggets have been desperate for a center who can back up Nikola Jokic and Holmes II could be a great option for this role.

29. Utah Jazz - Ja’Kobe Walter, Wing, Baylor

With the Jazz taking Nikola Topic at No. 10, they now select Ja’Kobe Walter, a young and athletic wing who has great potential as a three-point shooter and does a good job of limiting turnovers and fouls. The consensus is extremely high on Walter, so he may not fall this far. If he does, though, the Jazz might pick him and see if they can develop him.

30. Boston Celtics - Pacome Dadiet, Wing, Ulm

The Celtics are an incredible team with basically zero holes on their roster. Pacome Dadiet has been connected to the Celtics and he appears to be an intriguing prospect due to his youth, size, and ability to score inside the arc. Dadiet wouldn’t have to play early on in Boston so he would be given a chance to grow as a player.

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