2024 NBA Draft: Predicting what each team should do with their first-round pick

The 2024 NBA Draft is finally here, so here are my final predictions of what each team should do with their first-round pick.
NBL Rd 9 - Perth Wildcats v Sydney Kings
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10. Utah Jazz - Nikola Topic, Guard, Red Star

Nikola Topic was recently revealed to have a partially torn ACL, so he will likely fall a bit on draft night. The Jazz could use a guard who is a strong creator for themself and their teammates and there are two guards available who the team has worked out, including Topic and Rob Dillingham. With Topic having more size and being the better passer, I believe the Jazz go with him.

11. Chicago Bulls - Devin Carter, Guard, Providence

The Bulls just traded Alex Caruso and appear to be headed toward a firesale. They have been connected to Devin Carter, a versatile guard with length who is a great finisher, rebounder, and all-around defender. He isn’t a great shooter like Caruso, but he does have a lot of skills that could allow him to be an effective two-way guard at the next level.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder - Bub Carrington, Guard, Pittsburgh

A few players have been connected to the Thunder at this spot, including Bub Carrington, a tall, young guard with a lethal mid-range game, a love for shooting threes, and serious polish as a decision-maker. Carrington may not provide much impact for the Thunder early on in his career, but perhaps he can develop into a really strong point guard one day.