2024 NBA Draft: Predicting what each team should do with their first-round pick

The 2024 NBA Draft is finally here, so here are my final predictions of what each team should do with their first-round pick.
NBL Rd 9 - Perth Wildcats v Sydney Kings
NBL Rd 9 - Perth Wildcats v Sydney Kings / Paul Kane/GettyImages
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13. Sacramento Kings - Zach Edey, Big, Purdue

The Kings are an analytically savvy organization and their ceiling is probably limited with Domantas Sabonis at center as he isn’t a great rim protector. With these things in mind, it would not be surprising to see the Kings target Zach Edey, a 7-foot-4 center with an elite analytical profile who is an elite scorer with great touch, a fantastic rebounder, a solid passer, and a good shot blocker.

14. Portland Trail Blazers - Ron Holland, Wing, G-League Ignite

If the Trail Blazers leave the draft with Donovan Clingan and Ron Holland, the team should hold a parade on Friday. I’m not kidding. Holland is a young wing with insane athleticism who is great at finishing at the rim, is a skilled passer, and is great as an all-around defender. His lack of perimeter shooting and underwhelming decision-making are certainly causes for concern, but he is a very talented prospect who shouldn’t be available this late.

15. Miami Heat - Isaiah Collier, Guard, USC

The Miami Heat could use a lead guard who can run the offense and Isaiah Collier has the potential to fill this role. He’s a little undersized, but he makes up for this by being an elite rim finisher and a strong playmaker who can disrupt passing lanes. He does have serious flaws as he isn’t a good three-point shooter and struggles with turnovers, but his upside is immense.