2024 NBA Draft: Predicting what each team should do with their first-round pick

The 2024 NBA Draft is finally here, so here are my final predictions of what each team should do with their first-round pick.
NBL Rd 9 - Perth Wildcats v Sydney Kings
NBL Rd 9 - Perth Wildcats v Sydney Kings / Paul Kane/GettyImages
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25. New York Knicks - Tyler Smith, Wing, G-League Ignite

The Knicks may trade one of their first-round picks, but we’re not doing trades in this mock draft. With the Knicks taking an offensively limited player in Ryan Dunn one pick ago, they now take Tyler Smith, an athletic young wing who can score at a high level, spaces the floor, rebounds, and blocks shots. Players with this profile usually don’t last until the end of the first round, so the Knicks would be wise to pick Smith if he’s available.

26. Washington Wizards - Terrence Shannon Jr., Wing, Illinois

Terrence Shannon Jr. has worked out with a lot of teams picking outside the top 10 and it seems likely that he won’t make it out of the first round. If he makes it this far, the Wizards could be intrigued by his scoring ability which could make him a solid sixth man.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves - Baylor Scheierman, Wing, Creighton

The Timberwolves need to add shooting and playmaking to their roster and they can kill two birds with one stone by drafting Baylor Scheierman who is a lethal shooter and a fantastic passer for a wing. The Timberwolves brought him in for a workout and he would help fix some of their biggest issues as he could take some of the playmaking load off of Anthony Edwards’ plate.