3 Huge takeaways from the NBA's Inaugural In-Season Tournament

The inaugural NBA In Season Tournament turned out to be a huge success as the Los Angeles Lakers captured the title defeating the Indiana Pacers in the championship game.
James and Davis lead Lakers to In Season Tournament title.
James and Davis lead Lakers to In Season Tournament title. / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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The emergence and rise of star players

The introduction of the In Season Tournament also set the stage for young emerging stars in the league as it gives them another unique platform to showcase how much they improved. One of those emerging stars is Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards. He was finally handed the keys to the franchise by head coach Chris Finch and he has been given the freedom he deserves as the Wolves are officially now "his team".

Edwards is explosive off the dribble and has that killer instinct to put teams away in clutch situations. Everyone has taken notice of how efficient he has been from midrange with his fadeaway and pull-up jump shot. He also possesses a quick first step which allows him to attack the basket with ease. Edwards has the ability to make difficult shots and could very well be in the conversation for best overall player in the league in the near future.

Brandon Ingram is another rising star in the NBA and is definitely one of the most underrated players. During the semifinals, Ingram scored a team-high 30 points leading the Pelicans to victory over the Sacramento Kings. He is an elite scorer and is difficult to guard one-on-one. Ingram's game could be best described as poetry in motion. He's so smooth and fluid with the ball and he isn't afraid to attack the rim. Ingram has established himself as a leader on his team, and ever since his arrival in New Orleans, his game has significantly evolved.

But the player who has been receiving the most recognition for his stellar play is Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton. He has been the player who has benefitted the most playing in this tournament by showcasing his talent as his combination of scoring and passing acumen is unreal. Haliburton's ceiling is incredibly high and his ability to maneuver past defenders is elite making it easy for him to find open teammates. He truly possesses a unique skill set and he has an unorthodox jump shot that has to be respected.

Even though he is a prolific scorer, Haliburton's lack of turnovers is what sets him apart and he is the main reason the Pacers were able to advance all the way to the championship round.