3 Huge takeaways from the NBA's Inaugural In-Season Tournament

The inaugural NBA In Season Tournament turned out to be a huge success as the Los Angeles Lakers captured the title defeating the Indiana Pacers in the championship game.

James and Davis lead Lakers to In Season Tournament title.
James and Davis lead Lakers to In Season Tournament title. / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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Could the Tournament be even better?

Even though the In-Season Tournament was deemed a huge success, there could be suggested changes to make the spectacle even better. The current format appeared to be the perfect way as the tournament increases the value of the regular season and has now made every game meaningful.

Fans and players shouldn't be surprised about any changes that could occur in the future. Just to throw out a few ideas, the tournament could divide the teams by their divisions and allow them to play more games so rivalries can be created and the existing rivalries can add new chapters. The point differential could remain the same because even if a team loses, they can still keep the game close therefore denying a rival team from advancing in the tournament.

There once existed the thought about granting the tournament winner a guaranteed playoff spot but that result should only play a factor if a team finds themselves in a tie with another team. Winning the tournament should count for something and the league can use it as a tiebreaker just in case the situation ever comes about. Another idea would be to keep the teams within their respective conferences with each team playing two games against every other team in their bracket in a knockout format.

If a series is tied 1-1, it automatically becomes a best of 3. The league could spread these games out over a 3-month period with each team playing 3 times a week. Once the dust settles the NBA could take the 4 best teams in each conference and play single elimination until the championship round which would be a best of 7 series. This way there would be more games , more excitement, and more money for the league.

The league could also look into hosting the championship in different cities as it would increase revenue and popularity. Even though the In Season Tournament brought a playoff atmospheric type of vibe to these regular season games, it will never overshadow an NBA postseason. While this tournament was fun to watch, there is nothing like the nostalgia of the NBA Playoffs. The path to the In Season Tournament championship isn't nearly as difficult as competing for a Larry O'Brien trophy.

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There just isn't any equal comparison to a Finals MVP, the Larry O'Brien, a championship ring, and being able to wear the crown of defending NBA champions as opposed to a tournament MVP award, a golden medal, a cash incentive, and a few bragging rights. But the In Season Tournament was definitely worth the price of admission and should be around for years to come.