3 Reasons Milwaukee Bucks will lose in the first round of NBA Playoffs again

Heading into the NBA Playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks could be destined for disaster for the second-straight season.
Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks
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As the start of the NBA Playoffs quickly draws near, the Milwaukee Bucks could be set up for more postseason failures.

At this point, it's hard to argue with the statement that the Milwaukee Bucks are pretty much backing into the NBA Playoffs. They're not hitting their stride, they don't have much momentum and are currently tied with the Detroit Pistons for the longest active losing streak in the Eastern Conference.

With the start of the NBA Playoffs around the corner, it's hard to feel positive about the Bucks. In fact, with the way things are trending, it's also hard not to believe that this is a team that could be destined for another first-round playoff exit. Looking at all the facts, let's explore three big reasons why that may end up happening.

3 Reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks are destined for another early playoff exit

Dame Time may not be coming

Since making the big move for Lillard during the offseason, the belief was that the Bucks' ceiling would be raised this season and their championship window would be extended. A big part of that hinged on the play of Lillard. So far this season, Lillard has not been the player that the Bucks believed they were trading for.

Lillard has been good, All-Star caliber even. However, he hasn't been the dynamic offensive-minded guard that the league has been accustomed to seeing night-in and night out. That's why heading into the NBA Playoffs, there's no guarantee that sentiment is going to change. And if Lillard isn't able to make the switch from good to great in the postseason, the Bucks don't have enough of a supporting cast around Giannis Antetokounmpo (with an aging Brook Lopez and a constantly hobbled Khris Middleton) to make a championship run.

In a perfect storm scenario, they may not even have enough to get out of the first round of the NBA playoffs.