3 Reasons Tyrese Maxey can keep Joel Embiid-less Philadelphia 76ers afloat

Tyrese Maxey is the perfect rising star to keep the Philadelphia 76ers afloat in the Eastern Conference.

Can Maxey keep the 76ers afloat until Embiid returns?
Can Maxey keep the 76ers afloat until Embiid returns? / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Tyrese Maxey has proven he's more than capable

The Philadelphia 76ers have struggled whenever Joel Embiid doesn't suit up as they are 6-14 without him this season. Will Tyrese Maxey be able to carry this team? Or will he implode under the pressure? He has been sensational and impressive so far and he continues to play exceptional basketball. Even without the services of his fellow big man, Maxey has handled being the alpha quite well.

According to StatMuse.com Maxey has averaged 25.4 points, 5.3 assists, and 3.5 rebounds in 14 games without games without Embiid. Those are great individual numbers and prove that he can handle the pressure of being the team's primary scorer. Maxey has always been the kind of player who is capable of taking over games.

We saw flashes of this when he was at the University of Kentucky. Flashes of his potential were still seen even when he sat behind Ben Simmons and James Harden. When he got his opportunity to show what he could do as a starter, he took full advantage and wasn't disappointed.