3 Undeniable signs Golden State Warriors may be flipping a mid-season switch

The Golden State Warriors may have finally hit their stride this season. The question is, will their recent hot play last?

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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They have a relatively easy remaining schedule

One of the first reasons why we should feel a bit more encouraged about the Golden State Warriors' recent play is because their schedule is getting easier. With 31 games left in their regular season slate, the Warriors have the fourth-easiest remaining schedule. That means you can at least chalk but a portion of the team's early-season struggles due to a difficult schedule during the pre-All-Star Break slate.

Sometimes an easier schedule is something that could help a team shake off some struggles. Sometimes a lighter schedule is exactly what a team needs to get right. So as the Warriors begin to play easier opponents, maybe this is the time when they can regain some confidence and find their footing once again in the Western Conference.

The Warriors have a talented roster. When you look at their roster, it's almost a mystery as to why they aren't ranked in the top 8 of the West standings. Playing a softer schedule over the final stretch of the season could go a long way in this team finding their stride again. It may not be the only reason why the Warriors could make a move up the West standings, but you'd be foolish not to admit it could play a factor.