4 NBA Draft prospects with most to gain, 3 with most to lose in NCAA Tournament

As the NCAA Tournament quickly approaches, we take a closer look at seven NBA Draft propsects.

Wisconsin v Purdue
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Most to lose: Kyle Filipowski, Duke

The Duke basketball program has seen many big-name prospects flow in and out of it; Kyle Filipowski is slated to be the team's next lottery pick. At least, that's under the assumption that he doesn't do anything to tank his draft stock in the NCAA Tournament. Looking at the landscape of this year's draft class, it's hard to see Filipowski making a big move up draft boards. At best, he's a lottery pick. But I don't believe anyone is going to consider drafting him in the top 10.

On the other end of the spectrum, if Filipowski has a rough showing in the NCAA Tournament, there's a chance that he could take a bit of a tumble outside of the top 20. If he struggles in a big spot, it's naturally going to have an impact on his draft stock. Filipowski seemingly has made the right decision to come back for a sophomore season to cement his place as a first-round draft pick. Now, it's all about finishing his season off strong.

Filipowski is far from a surefire prospect heading into the pre-draft process and while there may not be much improving of his draft prospect that he can do over the next few weeks, it's about protecting the draft stock that he's already developed.