4 NBA Draft prospects with most to gain, 3 with most to lose in NCAA Tournament

As the NCAA Tournament quickly approaches, we take a closer look at seven NBA Draft propsects.
Wisconsin v Purdue
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Most to gain: Stephon Castle, UCONN

Stephon Castle has consistently been in the 8-12 range of most NBA Draft big boards. He's been a premier draft prospect but has never been considered THE premier draft prospect in this year's draft class. Under the assumption that UCONN is going to have a deep NCAA Tournament run, there's a chance that Castle can raise his draft stock to the point where he does get into the top 5 conversations heading into the pre-draft process.

In a vacuum, there is a lot to like about Castle as a draft prospect. He has great size and has already shown an impressive defensive mindset for a young guard. If he can continue to show strong offensive and playmaking ability, perhaps having a standout performance or two en route to helping the Huskies win another NCAA Championship, and it's easy to see a reasonable path toward becoming a headlining prospect in this year's draft class.

But that will prove to be easier said than done. But most prospects don't have the opportunity that Castle is going to have over the next few weeks heading into the NCAA Tournament.