4 NBA Draft prospects with most to gain, 3 with most to lose in NCAA Tournament

As the NCAA Tournament quickly approaches, we take a closer look at seven NBA Draft propsects.
Wisconsin v Purdue
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Most to lose: Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

There's a very strong argument to make that Dalton Knecht has been the biggest name in college basketball this season. He's a treat to watch and he's taking the hype with him into the NCAA Tournament. If you haven't seen Knecht play in a game so far this season, that's likely going to change for many across the country this week. But even though Knecht has already made waves this season to solidify himself as a strong NBA Draft prospect, there are still some very big questions about how his game will translate to the next level.

And on the biggest stage that is the NCAA Tournament with the possibility of playing against other potential NBA talent, I firmly believe there's more risk than reward for Knecht as he begins his postseason run with Tennessee. If Knecht struggles mightily against bigger and faster competition on the big stage, there's no question that his already somewhat shaky draft stock could take an even bigger hit.

For many reasons, there is very much at stake for Knecht. And it will certainly be interesting to see it all play out in the NCAA Tournament.