4 NBA Draft prospects with most to gain, 3 with most to lose in NCAA Tournament

As the NCAA Tournament quickly approaches, we take a closer look at seven NBA Draft propsects.

Wisconsin v Purdue
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Most to lose: Zach Edey, Purdue

If Dalton Knecht has been the most explosive player in college basketball, Zach Edey is certainly the most recognizable - and dominant - one. Standing at 7-foot-4, Edey has arguably been the most dominant player in college basketball. Heading into the NCAA Tournament, Edey must prove that he can be just as dominant against other NBA talent. Over the course of his collegiate career, that's an area of his game that he's struggled with.

That's why heading into the NCAA Tournament, it's easy to see why Edey may be a player who has the most to lose in terms of his potential draft stock. At the moment, Edey is being mocked late in the first round. But a poor showing in the tournament and that draft stock could tank even more. It's already been reported that Edey is set to declare for the NBA Draft. There's no turning back now.

Because of his limited offensive skill set and his limitations on the defensive end of the floor, it's hard to see how Edey is going to raise his draft stock significantly between now and the draft. However, there's no question that it could certainly take a hit if he struggles over the course of the tournament.