4 NBA Playoff favorites with the biggest chance to get upset in first round

There are four NBA Playoff favorites that should be on upset alert heading into the first-round round of the postseason.
Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks
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Milwaukee Bucks

It's easy to see why the Milwaukee Bucks should be on upset alert heading into their first-round NBA Playoff series against the Indiana Pacers. As one of the most underrated players in the Eastern Conference bracket, the Pacers are not going to be a pushover as they sport the No. 2 offensive rating in the league heading into the NBA Playoffs. Add in the fact that the Bucks have struggled all throughout this season with consistency, and an upset could be brewing.

But what could completely throw a wrench in this first-round series is the health of Giannis Antetokounmpo. A few games out from the start of this series, the expectation for now is that Giannis is going to miss the start of the playoffs. That could theoretically change but the Bucks are preparing to start their first-round series against the Bucks without Giannis.

And if Giannis is not going to play a big role in this series, it will only make the Bucks that much more vulnerable as a favorite. Considering the stakes that are on the line for Milwaukee heading into this playoff run, the Bucks-Pacers first-round series will naturally garner plenty of eyeballs. And if the Bucks do end up losing this series, oh boy.

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