4 Risky NBA trade deadline moves that are needle-movers, 5 that would be big mistakes

There are a few NBA Trade Deadline moves that could be considered both good and bad.
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, we explore four moves that would be considered needle movers and five that would be huge mistakes.

In less than three weeks, the NBA Trade Deadline will be here. As we officially cross the midway point of the regular season, the vast majority of the league can make some strong conclusions about their teams. The contenders and pretenders will separate themselves from each other soon if not already, and that will go a long way in shaping the next couple of weeks ahead of the trade deadline.

There will be moves made at the February 8 trade deadline; there always are. The question is, will the right ones be made? As we inch closer and closer to the deadline, we explore a few moves that (if made) would be considered successes and a handful that could end up being remembered as huge mistakes.

Sacramento Kings stand pat (huge mistake)

The Sacramento Kings were one of the best feel-good stories in the NBA last season. As the season went on, and into the playoffs, the Kings evolved into one of the most lovable underdogs in the league. However, that has quickly worn off this season. Especially with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder taking on that crown in the West. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, the Kings are a team that somewhat desperately has to make a move.

At the midway point of the season, the Kings are 7th in the West standings and dangerously in jeopardy of having to play their way into the playoffs. After finishing third in the regular season standings last season, this would be a pretty sizable step back for Sacramento.

If the Kings genuinely want to make some noise in the postseason, they almost have to make a move at the deadline. Standing pat at this point would be considered a big mistake.