4 Risky NBA trade deadline moves that are needle-movers, 5 that would be big mistakes

There are a few NBA Trade Deadline moves that could be considered both good and bad.
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Philadelphia 76ers trade for Dejounte Murray

The Philadelphia 76ers have quietly been one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. After trading James Harden, that wasn't in the cards for the Sixers heading into the start of the season. Nevertheless, Joel Embiid continues to put his team on his back and Tyrese Maxey has made some excellent strides this season. Even though the Sixers sit with the third-best record in the East, this is still a team that remains one big addition away from likely competing with the Milwaukee Bucks or Boston Celtics in a playoff series.

One player heading into the NBA Trade Deadline that could emerge as a natural fit is Dejounte Murray. Even though the Sixers aren't reportedly enthralled (as of yet) with the idea of pursuing Murray, as they have more interest in their financial flexibility heading into the offseason, I do believe that he'd be a near-perfect fit for the Sixers.

Murray is the exact two-way guard that Maxey needs to be running next to him and I'm sure he'd welcome the opportunity to play with Embiid. If the Sixers were to land Murray ahead of the trade deadline, they could finally have the right pieces to make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Verdict: Needle mover