4 Risky NBA trade deadline moves that are needle-movers, 5 that would be big mistakes

There are a few NBA Trade Deadline moves that could be considered both good and bad.

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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Los Angeles Lakers trade for Zach LaVine

Early on in the season, the noise surrounding a possible Zach LaVine trade to the Los Angeles Lakers was loud. As LaVine's trade value has diminished in recent weeks, so has the noise surrounding Los Angeles possibly making a move for him. However, as the NBA Trade Deadline inches closer and closer, I still wouldn't completely count out the possibility of the Lakers saying "screw it," and buying low on LaVine.

In theory, he's the exact offensive-minded wing that could be effective next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He could help carry a lot of the regular-season load and theoretically, be an amazing third option in the postseason. However, there are real doubts regarding LaVine's long-term ability with the Lakers.

For one, he's yet to prove he's a winning player. And two, he's due nearly $140 million over the next three years after this season. That's a lot of money that the Lakers will have to pay for a player that may be a third option, at best. There's a chance the Lakers get desperate enough at the trade deadline where they circle back to the Bulls. If they do, it could end up being a huge mistake.

Verdict: Huge mistake