4 Risky NBA trade deadline moves that are needle-movers, 5 that would be big mistakes

There are a few NBA Trade Deadline moves that could be considered both good and bad.
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Los Angeles Lakers trade for Dejounte Murray

While it may not be much of a winning move for the Los Angeles Lakers to make a somewhat desperate deal for Zach LaVine, I almost think the exact opposite if they were to pull off a trade for Dejounte Murray. He may not be a seamless fit in Los Angeles but he's an All-Star talent that would be of help on both ends of the floor. He'd also be playing in a much more comfortable system, with the ball in his hands more compared to playing next to such a ball-dominant player as Trae Young.

Plus, Murray is the exact type of young star player that LeBron James and Antony Davis need at this point in their careers. Not only would Murray help significantly come playoff time but he'd also take a huge load off their star's back to close out the regular season - that's not something the Lakers have had at all during the LeBron era.

If the Lakers can pull off the move for Murray, while keeping LeBron, AD, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura, this is a team that could quickly become one of the most dangerous teams in the Western Conference.

Verdict: Need mover