4 Risky NBA trade deadline moves that are needle-movers, 5 that would be big mistakes

There are a few NBA Trade Deadline moves that could be considered both good and bad.
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Golden State Warriors trade their young core

Understandably, there's a fair argument to be made that the Golden State Warriors should head into the NBA Trade Deadline with the intention of improving their roster. That should be the goal of every team that is trying to be a contender. However, for the Warriors, I'm not sure they're that level of team anymore. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, the Warriors can't afford to trade their young core for a win-now solution that may not even be available to them.

Looking at the landscape of the trade market, it's hard to find a move for the Warriors that would completely alter the trajectory of the team. Pascal Siakam was the one piece that made a ton of sense from a basketball perspective but ultimately it was something the Warriors decided against pursuing strongly.

Zach LaVine, Dejounte Murray, and Terry Rozier are likely the biggest names that could be moved at the deadline; none of those players would move the needle for the Warriors. Trading their young core would be unwise for the Warriors, especially with the level of uncertainty that awaits them in the offseason.

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If not now, soon, the Warriors will have to make the pivot toward their young core. The idea of retooling on the fly hasn't worked for Golden State this season. In fact, it's been an utter disaster. Trading the likes of Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, and Brandin Podziemski would just make everything 100 times worse.

Verdict: Huge mistake