5 Teams who should strongly consider drafting Bronny James in 2024 NBA Draft

As Bronny James tests the NBA Draft waters, will any teams take the bait?
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Washington Wizards

Heading into the 2024 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards are one team that is going to have two first-round draft picks. They're going to have one projected top 3 pick and one late in the first round via the LA Clippers. The Wizards aren't going to waste a projected top 3 pick on Bronny James, but why not use a potential 26th overall pick on him? That may be a fair place to draft a player as unproven as Bronny is at this point in his development.

There are a few reasons why drafting Bronny with their late first-round pick could make sense. For one, he wouldn't hurt their rebuild. With how weak this year's NBA Draft class is, Bronny wouldn't be that crazy of a selection. At No. 26, this is essentially a high second-round pick. Secondly, the Wizards would likely sell a few more tickets with Bronny on the roster. If nothing else, they'd be one of the most talked about young teams in the league.

The Wizards have made huge mistakes in the draft in the past. At the very least, Bronny will bring Washington some pros from a business perspective even if he doesn't pan out as a prospect.