5 Teams who should strongly consider drafting Bronny James in 2024 NBA Draft

As Bronny James tests the NBA Draft waters, will any teams take the bait?
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New York Knicks

The New York Knicks are the other natural team that should seriously consider drafting Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft. Already with a championship core that is expected to be locked up this offseason, the Knicks will have the luxury to use one of their two projected late first-round picks on somewhat of a risk. If there's even a chance that LeBron is willing to join his son to play with him before the end of his career, this is something the Knicks should jump all over.

Can you imagine LeBron James, maybe in 2-3 years, joining the Knicks in a farewell season while playing with Bronny and competing for a championship? That's what you call a storybook ending to a career. Again, many things would have to fall into place for this to be a possibility but the start of it all begins with the Knicks drafting Bronny with one of their first-round picks in the draft.

On the other hand, it could be a bad look for a championship-contending team to burn one of their first-round picks on an unproven prospect. At the same time, the small chance of LeBron signing with the Knicks to end up career may be too good to pass up.

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