5 Unlikely heavyweights positioned to make surprisingly deep playoff runs

Having been overlooked for much of the season, there are 5 unlikely heavyweights that could be in position to make a deep playoff run.

Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game One
Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game One / Elsa/GettyImages
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Heading into the final stretch run, 5 unlikely heavyweights could be in a position to make a deep playoff run.

Less than two months away from the start of the NBA Playoffs, this is around the time when contenders begin to truly hit their strides as a team and "flip a switch" in a way. With the regular season quickly coming to an end, contenders will begin to work their way into championship shape over the next few weeks.

As is the case every season, there is always a team or two that emerges as an unlikely threat to make a deep run in the postseason. A team that perhaps didn't have a great regular season but because their roster is built for the playoffs, they have to be taken seriously once the "real" season begins.

With the final stretch of the season here, we'll attempt to predict five unlikely heavyweights that could emerge as candidates to make a surprising deep playoff run this season.

Dallas Mavericks

No matter where they finish in the Western Conference standings, the Dallas Mavericks were always going to be considered a dark horse threat to make some noise in the playoffs thanks to their dynamic duo of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. In the last month of the season, the Mavs have also begun to play much more consistent basketball as a team.

In February, the Mavs are 7-2 with their only two losses coming at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers. If Dallas can continue to build off their strong February down the stretch, this is a team that will have the potential to beat any team in a seven-game series.