5 Unlikely heavyweights positioned to make surprisingly deep playoff runs

Having been overlooked for much of the season, there are 5 unlikely heavyweights that could be in position to make a deep playoff run.

Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game One
Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game One / Elsa/GettyImages
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Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have plenty of ground to make up in the Western Conference standings and with just 20-some-odd games left in the regular season, they very much may have to play their way into the playoffs. However, if they draw the right matchup in the first round, there's a chance that the Warriors could pull off a first-round upset and perhaps even make further noise after that in the postseason.

The Warriors have been quite inconsistent and underwhelming this season. However, they're still one of the most talented teams on paper, and they're getting healthier. Klay Thompson is settling into his new role off the bench and Golden State has won 10 of their last 13 games. With a favorable schedule down the stretch (6th easiest remaining schedule in the NBA), the Warriors will have the chance to build some momentum before the postseason arrives.

If the Warriors can enter the postseason healthy and they do end up drawing the Minnesota Timberwolves or Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round, it's going to be quite interesting to see how that series goes. That's all I'll say.