6 NBA teams that desperately need monster second halves to salvage their seasons

Which teams need to step up most down the stretch in order to avoid a lost season?
San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers
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Miami Heat

The Miami Heat is a team that has been struggling since the offseason. After failing to acquire Damian Lillard and/or Bradley Beal, it's been tough sledding for the Heat. They've been just as average this year in the regular season as they were last season in which they had to back their way into the postseason. Even though they had a historic run to the NBA Finals, it's hard to imagine Miami repeating what they did last year.

But they might have to in order to chalk up this season as a success. The Heat failed to land a final piece of the championship puzzle during the offseason - and at this year's NBA Trade Deadline. Going from the hopes of landing Lillard to acquiring Terry Rozier isn't great. If the Heat takes a big step back and either misses the playoffs entirely or loses in the first round, this season will be looked at as a failure.

With Jimmy Butler quickly aging, that's not great. But the Heat could change the tune of that narrative if they can make another deep run in the postseason. Is that too much to ask for, again?