6 NBA teams facing the most pressure entering the push toward the playoffs

Which NBA teams will be facing the most pressure now that the push toward the playoffs has finally arrived?

Milwaukee Bucks v Houston Rockets
Milwaukee Bucks v Houston Rockets / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Milwaukee Bucks

Aside from the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference, the other contending team that is faced with quite a bit of pressure to win in the playoffs is the Milwaukee Bucks. And it's not even the fact that they have a roster built to win the championship after the acquisition of Damian Lillard during the offseason. Part of the Bucks' pressure of winning big is also tied to the fact that they fired head coach Adrian Griffin months into his tenure with the Bucks to make way for Doc Rivers to come in and "save the day."

The early returns in the regular season haven't been great. Since making the change from Griffing to Rivers, the Bucks are just 3-7 and the vibes around this team haven't been good at all. The hope is that these are just growing pains and somewhat of a learning curve. But even before making the change to Rivers, Milwaukee was arguably the most inconsistent of contenders.

Over the course of the final two months of the regular season and into the playoffs, the Bucks are facing a ton of pressure, perhaps even greater than the likes of the Celtics considering how bold they've been with their recent moves.