6 Teams that will greatly regret not making a splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline

Which teams will regret not making a splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline?
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Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have won four games in a row and six of their last seven. Still, they're ranked 10th in the Western Conference standings and five games back of the sixth seed. In other words, the Warriors have a lot of ground to make up in the final stretch of the season if they want to avoid missing the playoffs entirely or having to play their way into the dance via the Play-In Tournament.

It's almost as if a splash move at the trade deadline would've helped the team down the stretch. However, the Warriors ended up standing pat. It remains to be seen how much of a mistake that decision ends up being. I suppose the Warriors have the ability to flip the switch down the stretch but with the way they've played this season, I wouldn't bet on that happening.

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After whispers that the Warriors were going to possibly make a bold move at the trade deadline, the front office decided not to - or they didn't find the right deal. With how inconsistent this team has been, I firmly believe a splash move at the deadline could've gone a long way in sparking this team down the stretch. They clearly didn't think it was all that necessary.