Boston Celtics: 5 Lofty, realistic trade deadline targets to fortify depth

The Boston Celtics can make a bold move at the NBA Trade Deadline to cement championship chances.
San Antonio Spurs v Chicago Bulls
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Boston Celtics trade target: Zach Collins, C/PF

Sticking with the theme of "bigs who can shoot," San Antonio Spurs center Zach Collins would theoretically be another wonderful fit for the Boston Celtics here. He's still young, he's been healthy the past year, plus, and just like Olynyk, he can rebound, pass and shoot.

The minutes, especially regular season minutes, Collins can save Porzingis and Horford will be felt as they advance through the playoffs. Whether he plays a prominent role in the playoffs themselves is sort of irrelevant. The Eastern Conference has plenty of bigs to throw at you, and almost all of them will be featured on playoff teams.

It is important to get into the playoffs healthy. Collins provides a buffer for the regular season, with a legitimate chance to prove himself for rotation minutes in the playoffs. A move like this could put the finishing touch on a championship-caliber roster.

After a rocky start to his career, Collins is averaging a career-high 13 points and six rebounds on 49 percent shooting from the field for the San Antonio Spurs this season. If the Spurs are looking to further lean into their rebuild, trading Collins could be on the table heading into the trade deadline.