Bronny James draws interesting pro comparison from scout ahead of 2024 NBA Draft

Bronny James gets an intriguing pro comparison as he seems like a lock to be selected in the 2024 NBA Draft.
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As the 2024 NBA Draft quickly approaches, one NBA scout has an interesting pro comparison for Bronny James.

With the NBA pre-draft process nearly in the books, there are still some uncertainties revolving around the 2024 NBA Draft. One of the bigger uncertainties revolves around Bronny James and where he will ultimately be selected. At this point, it's practically a lock that he will be taken in the NBA Draft. It would be a near-shock if he wasn't drafted. Quite frankly, there's also a good chance he ends up being selected in the first round. Whether or not he deserves to be is an entirely different conversation in itself.

But the smoke points to Bronny being taken in the first round. The question over the next week and a half is not if Bronny is going to be selected in the NBA Draft. Instead, the questions revolve around what type of player he'll translate to be. While that could be difficult to answer at the moment, one NBA scout seems to give Bronny an interesting pro comparison. According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, one scout has compared Bronny to Austin Rivers.

The scout notes Bronny's ability to handle the basketball, his 3-point shooting capability, and his defensive potential. Not to mention that he translates as a good athlete even as a "smaller guard."

A realistic NBA outlook for Bronny James

In theory, it will do Bronny good to be on an NBA roster and to get first-class developmental coaches in his ears - not to say that he didn't already have that with LeBron James as his dad, but it will help.

That said, we also have to remember that Bronny probably should still be in college and is likely going to have a huge learning curve as he prepares to make the jump to the NBA. There's a chance that he won't be ready to play at the NBA level for 1-3 years, depending on how quickly he can develop as a pro.

I think it's important to have a realistic outlook when it comes to any rookie, even more so a prospect like Bronny. He's going to be under a huge microscope throughout his entire career because of his last name and we have to remember that, at his core, he's just another talented young player looking to find his way in the NBA.

And if Bronny "simply becomes" Austin Rivers, it would be a huge win for him as a prospect.

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