Chicago Bulls: 3 Ideal returns for Zach LaVine at the NBA Trade Deadline

What type of return could the Chicago Bulls expect in a Zach LaVine trade?
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Exploring three possible ideal returns that the Chicago Bulls should be hoping for in a Zach LaVine trade.

With the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline officially less than two months away, the whispers surrounding what the Chicago Bulls will get in a possible Zach LaVine trade are only going to grow moving forward. It's clear that the trade market for LaVine leaves much to be desired, but that can change in an instant. And what Chicago has going for them is that they only need one team to be motivated to make a trade for LaVine to make it happen.

The hope is that the Bulls will get that one way or another ahead of the trade deadline. The question is, what are the Bulls looking for in a potential trade of LaVine? And that's what ultimately his trade market could come down to.

What the Chicago Bulls should prioritize in a Zach LaVine return

If you asked the Bulls last year what they would expect in return for LaVine via trade, it would be completely different than what the current reality is at the moment. For better or worse, LaVine's trade value is not high. Right now, Chicago is probably looking for a quality player or cap relief and a first-round pick at least. With the current circumstances where they are, I believe that's a fair expectation for the Bulls.

The question is, will they get that? As we inch closer and closer to the NBA Trade Deadline, we explore three ideal returns with three fair and possible trades of Zach LaVine.