Chicago Bulls: 3-Step pipe dream plan to retooling flawed roster into contending one

There are potential moves the Chicago Bulls can make to retool roster into a contender one.
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Exploring a three-step pipe dream plan that would help make a flawed Chicago Bulls roster into a contending one.

We are continuing the exercise of highlighting the Chicago Bulls and providing them with a blueprint to help them achieve their dreams. Whether they want to tank or compete, they seemingly can't figure out either roadmap.

The Bulls have been wanting to compete for years, cutting corners in player development and trading their young assets for veteran players. The out-of-nowhere Lonzo Ball injury surely has dampened several of the expectations over the past two years. Regardless, the Bulls need help if they want to continue to try to compete. They do not have the pieces to legitimately contend.

Finding the right 3-step plan for the Chicago Bulls

All of that is going to change. In this exercise, we are going to explore what it's going to take to get the Chicago Bulls out of the play-in tournament and into a playoff lock. They are currently 17-21 and seven games out of homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

I will lay out a roadmap that will attempt to lay the groundwork for an immediate turnaround, upon which the Chicago Bulls can be in contention for, at the very least, a playoff spot this season. We are operating under the assumption that the current front office has been encouraged by their more recent play and thinks they should make a couple of moves to go all in.