Chicago Bulls: 3-Step pipe dream plan to retooling flawed roster into contending one

There are potential moves the Chicago Bulls can make to retool roster into a contender one.
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Bulls step 3

Step 3: Chicago Bulls trade Nikola Vucevic

The final move for the Chicago Bulls to turn this team into a true contender is to get a more defensive-minded center. In this trade, they bring in big man Daniel Gafford. Gafford is in the middle of a career year...for him. His numbers might be modest, but he's posting career highs in points per game, 10.5, rebounds per game, 7.6, and blocks per game, 2.1.

Delon Wright joins in on the trade mostly for salary-matching purposes. In theory, he does offer good size for a point-of-attack defender. His offense won't wow you, but his defense and size will be great for specific matchups.

The Wizards might as well trade everyone who has value who won't be on this team long-term. Gafford and Wright could easily be had for the right price. It might seem a bit contradicting, but the Wizards do give up two second-round picks in the trade. They do this because they are getting the best player in this trade in Vucevic, and a young, promising guard in Dosunmu.

Feel free to haggle on what the exact return should be for Dosunmu and "Vooch," but the final move to make the Bulls true contenders is complete. The Bulls can now focus on gelling and getting comfortable with one another on the court before a (hopeful) long playoff run.