Chicago Bulls: 4 Bold moves to completely revamp roster ahead of trade deadline

Rebuilding the Bulls: A Strategic Roadmap for Chicago's Future
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Move 2: Chicago Bulls trade DeMar DeRozan

Victor Oladipo and Jock Landale are used in this trade mostly as salary fillers. The Houston Rockets are performing well under first-year head coach, Ime Udoka. It feels like this team can be pesky and could be a tough out if they make the playoffs. What this team does lack is a bonafide No. 1 scorer. Enter DeMar DeRozan. He would be the scoring alpha this team needs to truly be viewed as dangerous.

Adding another point of attack, perimeter-stopping guard in Jevon Carter is a great addition, along with rebound-eating big man, Andre Drummond. While it might be tough to part ways with Jalen Green so soon, Alperen Sengun, Jabari Smith Jr., and Tari Eason still have the youth to keep this team exciting for years to come - they are not making the cupboard barren by making this trade.

On the other side, this trade works out very well for the Bulls. They acquire a young guard/wing in Jalen Green, who will have to prove that he can efficiently lead an offense on his own, but he will now have that opportunity here with the Bulls.

The Rockets signings of Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks all but signaled that you are going to need to perform defensively if you want to earn minutes from Udoka. Jalen Green might not be ready for that, and neither is Cam Whitmore. Cam Whitmore is the more interesting trade piece here as he is coming off Summer League MVP honors, and recently fell in the NBA draft to the 20th pick. His raw explosion and potential three-level scoring are enticing enough to take a flyer on a kid who some thought could go 4th overall.

The Bulls say goodbye to DeRozan but welcome in two young and exciting players who could have what it takes to be future leaders on this team. DeMar DeRozan gives the Rockets a primary scorer and secondary ball handler. Jevon Carter gives the Rockets tough perimeter defending, along with perimeter scoring. Andre Drummond gives the Rockets a monster on the glass and someone who won't get bodied by some of the stronger centers in the NBA, looking at you Nikola Jokic and Anthony Davis.

The Bulls receive a 21-year-old guard/wing in Jalen Green who could eventually be a primary scorer, similar to who DeRozan is now. The Bulls also receive a relative unknown in 19-year-old forward Cam Whitmore, whose athleticism and strength could earn him minutes right away in Chicago, playing for a rebuilding franchise.