Cleveland Cavaliers: 6 Trade targets that would perfectly complement Donovan Mitchell

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers explore another big trade this offseason?
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Jerami Grant, Portland Trail Blazers

Sticking on the theme of the Cleveland Cavaliers exploring a move for a versatile stretch-4, Jerami Grant could emerge as a potential target for the team as an ideal fit next to Donovan Mitchell and Evan Mobley. Heading into the offseason, it would be surprising if the Blazers don't at least explore the option of trading Grant. He doesn't fit the timeline of the Blazers and could present some real value for the team on the open market. The big question is whether the Blazers would have interest in a package centered around Darius Garland and/or Jarrett Allen, but I suppose that's a different argument for another day.

In theory, the Cavs would have to like the fit of Grant on the team. He could emerge as a versatile wing/frontcourt player for the team and would be an ideal running mate next to Evan Mobley. Grant could be effective off-ball and has shown the ability to even emerge as a real No. 2 offensive option for a team.

If the Cavs are looking to add to their frontcourt in this potential pursuit, Grant could be viewed as one of the better targets.