Cleveland Cavaliers: 6 Trade targets that would perfectly complement Donovan Mitchell

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers explore another big trade this offseason?
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Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets

As somewhat of a pipe dream candidate, Mikal Bridges would be viewed as an ideal fit next to Donovan Mitchell and Evan Mobley if the Cleveland Cavaliers do indeed end up retooling their roster. Whether or not Darius Garland or Jarrett Allen would appease the Nets enough to pull the trigger is a very real question but in theory, Bridges would be an excellent answer on the wing for the Cavs as they look to take another step forward in their pursuit of an NBA Championship.

When he was at his best and making the greatest impact in the league, Bridges was a supporting star next to Devin Booker in Phoenix. For as talented as he is, Bridges is not a No. 1 option in the NBA. He's better suited in a supporting role. In Cleveland, he would be able to get back to that role and could be back in the championship picture.

A trio of Mitchell, Bridges, and Mobley could. be exactly what the Cavs need to get over the hump in the Eastern Conference and while they may not top the Boston Celtics in terms of pure talent on paper, they'd certainly put themselves in the best position to shake the norm.

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