Dallas Mavericks: 4 Blockbuster offers Mavs need to make for Pascal Siakam

The Dallas Mavericks should be one of the teams willing to go all-in for Pascal Siakam.
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Dallas Mavericks build trade package around Dereck Lively II

If the Dallas Mavericks truly wanted to hammer home their interest in Pascal Siakam ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline, perhaps they'd be open to building a trade package around talented rookie Dereck Lively II. He'd be a perfect fit as the Toronto Raptors retool around Scottie Barnes and would likely be one of the players that is demanded in a potential return of Siakam. If the pursuit of Siakam does end in a bidding war, if the Mavericks want to emerge as the big winners, there's a good chance they might have to include Lively in a package.

In this specific package, the Mavs could include Lively, Josh Green, Tim Hardaway Jr, Richaun Holmes, and draft compensation. With the inclusion of Lively in this deal, I'd imagine this is getting closer to what the Raptors are looking for in a potential return. The big question is whether the Mavs would be interested in such a deal.

If the Mavs believe that the addition of Siakam could lead to taking the leap as a legit contender in the Western Conference, I'm not sure there's any young player the team should not be willing to include.