Dallas Mavericks: 4 Blockbuster offers Mavs need to make for Pascal Siakam

The Dallas Mavericks should be one of the teams willing to go all-in for Pascal Siakam.
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Dallas Mavericks add a third team to try to get a deal done

Let's say that the Toronto Raptors aren't interested in taking on Tim Hardaway Jr. in a potential trade of Pascal Siakam. In that event, the Dallas Mavericks could explore going out and finding a third team that would be willing to add Hardaway Jr. in exchange for another player and added draft compensation that they could send to Toronto instead in an attempt to get a deal done that they'd be happy with.

There's a chance the Sacramento Kings are a team willing to take the gamble on Hardaway Jr. It's rumored that the Kings are interested in making a move at the NBA Trade Deadline, likely for a wing scorer, and if they're not willing to make an all-in move for Zach LaVine, perhaps Hardaway Jr. could make some sense.

In the end, a deal could look something like the Mavs receiving Siakam, the Kings taking on Hardaway Jr. and Seth Curry, and the Raptors getting Dereck Lively, Kevin Huerter, Josh Green, one future first-round pick, and three second-round picks.

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At this point, Siakam is likely going to get traded ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. The Mavs should absolutely be one of the teams extremely interested in getting a deal done.