Golden State Warriors: 5 Blockbuster trade offers to help land Pascal Siakam

Framing a few potential deals the Golden State Warriors can make for Pascal Siakam ahead of the trade deadline.
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Andrew Wiggins and the young core

Taking the initial offer a bit further, the Golden State Warriors could add Brandin Podziemski to the offer if they're serious about hammering a deal out for Pascal Siakam. It's easy to see why the Warriors would be reluctant to include Podziemski considering how impressive he's been during his rookie season but if the Warriors are going to land a talent like Siakam, it's going to have to hurt the team somewhere.

Losing an encouraging rookie prospect could be exactly how it all ends up transpiring. Where the momentum for this deal could fall apart is when you get to the point where the Raptors would have to be willing to take on the remainder of Wiggins' contract. He's due $54 million over the next two seasons and then has a player option for $30 million after that. I'd be shocked if the Raptors were willing to dive into that type of contact, especially after taking on RJ Barrett and the fact that they're going to have to give Immanuel Quickley a pretty big payday this offseason too.

In a vacuum, this is a solid offer that the Warriors could make the Raptors for Siakam. It's certainly not a disrespectful offer.