Golden State Warriors: 5 Blockbuster trade offers to help land Pascal Siakam

Framing a few potential deals the Golden State Warriors can make for Pascal Siakam ahead of the trade deadline.
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Chris Paul, part of the young core, and serious draft compensation

If there's a way that the Golden State Warriors can land Pascal Siakam without completely gutting their young core, you'd have to imagine that it's something they're going to explore. In this deal, that's what Golden State will be attempting to do. The Warriors would use Chris Paul as a salary filler in this version of the deal along with Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody - those are the two young players that likely need the change of scenery the most. Golden State can also throw in two future first-round picks if they want this offer to truly stand out amongst the rest.

In return, the Warriors would get Siakam and Garrett Temple. From a return standpoint, you'd have to think this is a nice balance for the Raptors. They get two quality young players back in Kuminga and Moody, along with serious compensation in the way of two first-round draft picks. If there's one question that the Raptors would have to answer is whether Kuminga is a good enough player to headline a return for Siakam.

Deep down, I'm not sure this is a deal that would be accepted by the Raptors. Unless, of course, they feel good about their ability to swing Paul to another team. That seems unlikely.