Golden State Warriors: Playing keep or trade with 5 players not named Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors Crisis: Fate of five Key Players
Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies
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Keep: Brandin Podziemski, PG/SG

This inclusion will be very short. Podziemski is a 20-year-old guard who has looked the most comfortable out of all the young talent Golden State has had over the past couple of seasons. So no-duh the organization should keep him.

His inclusion on this list is solely due to the potential to bring in a bigger name. Much like Kuminga, teams may require that the Warriors include Podziemski in a trade that will net them a star.

The Warriors have found a gem in Brandin Podziemski and I believe that he has earned the right to be kept on this team to see if he can be the next player in line to lead the Warriors. This kid is just scratching the surface. The Warriors need to keep him around.