Grade the Trade: Heat land Damian Lillard; Tyler Herro gets fresh start in wild pitch

Could the Milwaukee Bucks explore the possibility of trading Damian Lillard to the Miami Heat this offseason?
Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks
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Grading the trade for the Milwaukee Bucks

This trade would be a confusing sell for the Milwaukee Bucks. However, each element of this proposal does make sense when you break it down. First, Terry Rozier absolutely works as a stopgap at the point guard position with just two years remaining on his contract (with that second year partially guaranteed). Offensive wizard Tyler Herro also makese sense as not only a hometown kid but also considering the regression that Khris Middleton has made offensively over the past couple of seasons. Adding a player like Herro could be a huge blessing on that front.

Nikola Jovic would be a solid replacement off the bench for Bobby Portis and he also represents a developing player who probably hasn't even scratched the surface of his long-term potential. Adding essentially two first-round picks (2024, 2029) would also help the Bucks replace some of the draft capital that they lost in the original deal (1 future pick, 2 pick swaps).

I'm not sure if the Bucks would be better but they'd certainly be deeper than they were this past season. If Milwaukee is looking to move off of Lillard while also retooling the roster at the same time, this is a deal that they'd have to consider heading into the offseason.

Trade grade: B+

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