Grade the Trade: Jimmy Butler reunites with Joel Embiid in Philly; Heat enter rebuild in blockbuster proposal

Could the Miami Heat trade Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason? If so, we explore what that could look like.
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Play-In Tournament
Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Play-In Tournament / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The framework of a blockbuster deal between the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers

A potential deal between the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers this offseason could develop pretty quickly, and would have to be agreed upon at the start of free agency. Because the Sixers have put themselves in a position where they've cleared their cap sheet, they could absorb Jimmy Butler's contract directly into their cap space. The big question is what the Heat would want back from the Sixers as compensation.

If I had to guess, the starting point of negotiations will begin with two first-round picks and quite frankly, that may be all that is needed to get a deal done. But a third future first-round pick would certainly go a long way in cementing the Sixers' chances of getting such a deal done. If this were the offer, the Heat should take it running away.

Objectively speaking, there's an argument to be made that this is a deal that would make both sides happy. The big question is whether these two rivals can find a middle ground for a deal to come to fruition. Deep down, I'd imagine that's probably the biggest hurdle that both sides would have to clear. But, if they do, let's break down what this trade would mean for both teams.