Grade the Trade: LeBron James heads home as Lakers land superstar in bold proposal

In a bold trade proposal, the Los Angeles Lakers land a new superstar by sending LeBron James home.
Los Angeles Lakers v Washington Wizards
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LeBron James-Donovan Mitchell Trade

Laying out the blockbuster trade proposal

Proposed by Paul Piece in an appearance on Undisputed, the Hall of Famer proposes a trade that would send LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Donovan Mitchell if the Los Angeles Lakers have a disappointing end to the season.

Of course, there would likely be other inclusions in such a deal but this would be the framework of a potential swap between the Lakers and Cavs this summer. As outrageous as this deal may sound, there are some aspects of this trade that would make sense for both sides. For one, there's a non-zero chance that the Cavs end up exploring the trade market for Donovan Mitchell this summer anyway. If Mitchell continues to refuse to sign a contract extension with Cleveland, the Cavs would almost have to consider such a move.

If the Cavs wanted to find a way to remain championship competitive in the Eastern Conference while also trading for Mitchell, there may not be a better theoretical option that also makes sense than calling Los Angeles about LeBron. While it's no guarantee that the Lakers would listen to a potential offer, they'd be borderline insane not to think about making this deal.

At least from my objective perspective, this hypothetical deal falls into the hands of the Cavs. If you could tell the Lakers that they could swap Mitchell for LeBron right now, they'd probably do it. Los Angeles would be set up for the future with the star core of Mitchell and Anthony Davis. And on the other side, the Cavs get to remain competitive while also getting to give LeBron his proper closure in the league.

At least on paper, there's a reason to believe that this proposed deal, as outrageous as it may seem, could make sense for both sides.